OCLC 29595260 (the "J" record) is a monographic set record. OCLC 36440417 is a serial record for the title, with DLC in the 040 field. OCLC 472723186 says "DLC" in the 040, but that's because it was mistakenly input with blank in the source fixed field by the inputting library (in the |d subfield of the 040). DLC has decided it should be a serial instead of a monographic set.

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Record 93-047518 (OCLC# 29595260), Advances in genetic programming (MIT Press, 1994-1999), has its encoding level set to "J" (deleted record).  And yet it is the only pcc-level monograph record for this work.  There is another DLC-created record (#472723186) which has encl: M.  Does anyone have a clue why this record was marked as deleted?

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