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One of the possible decisions that might be announced by the US national libraries in June is implementation of RDA.   In the event that happens, PCC Policy Committee members felt, in strategic planning terms, we wanted the ability to quickly commission several key task groups to get the community ready for implementation.  Contingent on a decision to implement RDA, the task group activities that would be most important to accomplish first are the ones identified during the CONSER & BIBCO Operations Committee meetings held in early May.  The task group charges can be seen here:  


To establish the membership of the groups, the Policy Committee would draw on the results of the March 2011 PCC expression of interest survey.   (However, if you are strongly interested in participating and didn't express interest via the survey, you may let us know by forwarding this message to [log in to unmask] by June 9.  Please don't reply to this list.)

Of course, in the event the national libraries decide not to implement RDA, some other course of action by the PCC will be needed.





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