> the semantics of an interval, with respect to precision.

> The interval: 1964/2008
I consider that this means from "some date in 1964" to "some date in 2008".

Likewise if an author's dates are *1964 †2008, I interpret that: "some 
date in 1964" to "some date in 2008".

> relax the restriction for an interval that the start and end precision must be the same.
I agree!

> 1964/2008.

> (1) Does it mean that interval of time,
Yes, I think!

> (2) Is it a way to represent when an event occurred, saying "it occurred sometime between 1964 and 2008".
I do not think so. Would not we use "one of a set" as of #203?


Or is that (maybe) a question of "reliability"? In that case, I would 
prefer to represent such semantics with something as what I described in (or 
some improvement of it) which lies in phase two, but (I think) could be 
moved to level 3.