From: Saašha Metsärantala
> According to the new EDTF specification at #209, season qualifiers
> should be enclosed between less-than and greater-than characters. 

No, that's not the intent, it says:

2001-21^<xxx> Spring, 2001 qualified where <xxx> is the qualifier

which is not intended to imply that the qualifier is "xxx" and that it is enclosed in angle brackets. 

The BNF says:

seasonQualified = season “^” qualifier

> Annex A, though, they are enclosed within quotes. I consider both of
> them quite error-prone when used within XML and therefore, I suggest to
> enclose them within parentheses, 

That's fine.   Actually the intent was that they need not be enclosed at all, that the ^ signals that there is a qualifier, and the qualifier is the remainder of the string following ^.   However, enclosing the string probably makes more sense, in which case, do we really need the ^ ?

> Furthermore, the specification does not define the datatype of such a
> qualifier. For machine readability reasons (for example further LD
> conversions or comparisons), 

Yes, it says xs:string in the BNF.

> I would suggest to define the datatype of
> season qualifiers as URIs. This would also lead to higher recalls in
> semantic queries and alleviate the NLP difficulties occurring when
> searching strings.

I'd rather wait until we see a concrete proposal for what these seasonal qualifiers will look like (and I suspect we will never see it).  In fact, I think we should remove the xs:string and just leave the type unspecified for now.