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I am sharing this message that I received in the hope that someone out there might know of some suitable repositories. Thanks for any suggestions. Best, Jeff

As you know Alabama suffered several EF-5 tornados in April that have led to a wide path of destruction througout the state. I am currently stationed in Alabama as part of a long-term recovery team looking for resources for cultural institutions damaged by the storms. Included are museums, archives and libraries. Do you know of any resources within Alabama that I can direct folks to for help with collections or future storage or even donations for areas that have lost library collections? I am collating a resource list for the communities that have been damaged and would appreciate any ideas or actual grant assistance leads. I have one client who is trying to convert the only building left in her town (a former bank building from 1900) to an archive for geneaological and town history - the safe was not damaged, but the roof is missing. She is a typical client here and needs help from the very start of the process. Other insitutitons have staff and funding, but just need emergency aid to get them capital to repair buildings, and to repair damaged collections. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Jen Wellock
Cultural Resource Specialist
DOI Liaison – NPS
FEMA ESF – 14 Long Term Recovery
571-329-6088 / 202-354-2039