I agree that "ftp://" is entirely different from "". But I still don't think that we should abandon stability because a Web site, even Wikipedia, chooses to mix ISO 639 IDs in the same distribution position with "www" and "ftp" as sub-domain names. If ISO 3166 were to go changing their IDs (alpha 2 or alpha 3) for such reasons, we would rightly criticize them for not being stable. Same with other standards.


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On 22 Jul 2011, at 18:38, Peter Constable wrote:

> I agree with Havard completely. And I do not think that Michael has refuted any of my points.  (He had said, 'Peter's example "ftp://" is not relevant', though I was basically saying the same thing: that labels appearing in those protocol elements are not a problem.)

ftp:// is entirely different from

www:// is meaningless in every context.

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