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Tom Fine wrote:
> Regarding Kohji-san's question, I've never seen a stereo LP version
> of "Cannonball Enroute," but the contents were issued in stereo on
> the 2-CD reissue collection.

Seems like "Enroute" (MG-20616) was NOT released in stereo (SR-60616) -
although the similar 1960-1961 release "Lush Side of Cannonball"
(MG-20652, reissue of "With Strings" MG-36063) was released also in
fake stereo version (SR-60652).

I've never had and listened to the 2-CD edition of "Enroute" -
does these CD reissue really contain the true stereo version of
"Enroute"? I just thought these were recorded in mono only.

> Also Max Roach "On The Chicago Scene."
> The Max Roach was issued on stereo tape in 1956 but I don't think
> it showed up in stereo on LP until the 70's. It was in stereo on
> the Mosaic reissue set. I'm not saying those two albums definitely
> weren't released in stereo back in the 1958-59 timeframe,
> I'm just saying I've never seen an LP or test pressing.

I believe these recordings were NOT recorded in 1956
- "On The Chicago Scene" were recorded in 1958, and "Cannonball Enroute"
(as well as "Sophisticated Swing") were recorded in 1957.

Like Tom-san already mentioned, it seems no stereo versions were
NOT released in the 1958-1959 timeframe, not even in the 1960s.

AFAIK The earliest stereo session by Max Roach on Mercury was on in Mar.
1957, that would appear on stereo version of "Jazz in 3/4 Time" (SR-80002).
The previous 1956 session (appeard on "Max Roach Plus Four" MG-36098)
were recorded on monaural only, but the catalog number for the
equivalent stereo release was assigned (SR-80001, unreleased).
Just my guess, but it would be either that some simultaneous/experimental
stereo recording was tried during the "Plus Four" session (but rejected),
or that Mercury once planned to release the fake stereo version of the
session (but rejected).

And AFAIK The earliest stereo session by Cannonball on Mercury was in
Mar. 1958 that would appear on stereo version of "Cannonball's Sharpshooters"
(SR-80018). This was released in 1959 or 1960. One of the "Enroute"
was from the "Sharpshooters" session ("I'll Remember April") - so
this stereo version does exist.

> By the way, Cannonball's "Jump For Joy" (with strings) was test-pressed
> in stereo but I haven't seen a production stereo LP.
> The stereo master was used on the CD reissue which also included
> the mono "Cannonball with Strings."

As for "Jump For Joy" (MG-36146 / SR-80017) - stereo version was
released in 1959 or 1960. Can be easily found on the second-hand market.

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