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Tom Fine wrote:
> There was a catalog number for Max Roach "On the Chicago Scene,"
> according to the discography in the Mosaic reissue set:
> EmArcy SR60128 (stereo) Max Roach + 4 on the Chicago Scene
> There were separate stereo and mono takes of
> "Shirley"
> "My Old Flame"
> "Memo: To Maurice"
> The Mosaic set includes both stereo and mono takes.

Yes I know these - these are from 1958, not 1956, as mentioned in my
previous e-mail. And in 1984, stereo version of "On The Chicago Scene"
was issued on LP by Nipphon Phonogram 195J-41.

And the original stereo LP issue (SR-80017) is the only way to
get the true stereo version of the "Jump For Joy" album -
luckily we can find SR-80017 rather easily in the market.

And yes, we should refer such updated and revised discographic
information as seen on Mosaic box sets for example.


> From the description of the recording provided on the 2-track reel,
> my bet is they did extra tunes in mono only that weren't included
> on the short-length tape, and those were on the LP. What I'm not 
> clear about is why a separate mono take was required since the mic
> technique described was typical Bill Putnam of that era -- close-in
> mics on the instruments and room mics for the stereo master.
> Regarding "Cannonball Enroute," the 3CD reissue by Polygram from
> the early 90's contains stereo of all those tunes, not fake stereo.
> The only true mono material is the first Emarcy album and the Nat 
> Adderley Emarcy album. There was a separate reissue of the mono
> "Cannonball Adderley with Strings" and, now that I went back and
> checked the CD, a mono version of "Jump For Joy." However, I have a 
> test pressing of a stereo version of "Jump For Joy" from 1959,
> so it was definitely recorded in stereo. My assumption is that
> the stereo master was lost by the time the CD reissue was made.
> Have you ever seen a first-edition stereo LP of Buddy Morrow
> "Rock And Roll To Morrow"? I haven't but there is a test pressing
> and the session was recorded in stereo for 2-track release.
> There are other strange Mercury issues with Charlie Rich.
> The Polygram reissue CD from the 1990's had mono singles mixes
> for several tunes, but I have the 2LP reissue set from the early
> 1980's and both albums are in stereo (and in their correct original
> sequences, which was not the case with the CD).
> There are also quite a few Mercury country albums that never got
> reissued on official Polygram or Universal CD's, including the
> excellent Jerry Lee Lewis albums. There was a cheapo Polygram 
> Special Markets CD of Jerry Lee's remakes of his rock n roll hits,
> same for Johnny Cash's remakes for Mercury of his Sun hits.
> It's too bad someone at Polygram didn't go back and make a box set of 
> the Mercury pop and country material, there were a lot of hits
> dating from the mid-40's onward. People like Tiny Hill, Patti Page,
> and the more jazz-pop guys like Richard Hayman, Pete Rugolo and 
> David Carroll, plus Xavier Cugat. I suppose some might like the
> lush-string stuff from Celebacoff (sp?) and Hal Mooney.
> And then there are rock/pop and country guys like the Big Bopper,
> Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Rich, etc. And that's not even mentioning
> the late 60s and 70s country artists like Tom T. Hall and the
> Statler Brothers.
> By the way, it's worth using the Wayback Machine and downloading
> the discography info from all the Mercury-related material
> reissued by Mosaic over the years. As they worked with the actual tapes, 
> they had access to some information that updated and expanded Ruppli.
> Some original album covers also conflict with Ruppli, and Mosaic
> for that matter! Not widespread, but an occasional curiosity. 
> When Mosaic did the box set for Quincy Jones, they compared Ruppli
> to actual album covers and to actual tape box information and
> there were a few cases where none of it squared! They made some 
> educated guesses and "executive decisions" that I think were correct.
> The documentation on the pop stuff is even more messy, as you can see
> from the Ruppli books. By the time he got there, many session dates
> and details were not in the files he had access to.
> It must have been very frustrating.
> -- Tom Fine
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> > Tom Fine wrote:
> >>
> >> Regarding Kohji-san's question, I've never seen a stereo LP version
> >> of "Cannonball Enroute," but the contents were issued in stereo on
> >> the 2-CD reissue collection.
> >
> > Seems like "Enroute" (MG-20616) was NOT released in stereo (SR-60616) -
> > although the similar 1960-1961 release "Lush Side of Cannonball"
> > (MG-20652, reissue of "With Strings" MG-36063) was released also in
> > fake stereo version (SR-60652).
> >
> > I've never had and listened to the 2-CD edition of "Enroute" -
> > does these CD reissue really contain the true stereo version of
> > "Enroute"? I just thought these were recorded in mono only.
> >
> >
> >> Also Max Roach "On The Chicago Scene."
> >> The Max Roach was issued on stereo tape in 1956 but I don't think
> >> it showed up in stereo on LP until the 70's. It was in stereo on
> >> the Mosaic reissue set. I'm not saying those two albums definitely
> >> weren't released in stereo back in the 1958-59 timeframe,
> >> I'm just saying I've never seen an LP or test pressing.
> >
> > I believe these recordings were NOT recorded in 1956
> > - "On The Chicago Scene" were recorded in 1958, and "Cannonball Enroute"
> > (as well as "Sophisticated Swing") were recorded in 1957.
> >
> > Like Tom-san already mentioned, it seems no stereo versions were
> > NOT released in the 1958-1959 timeframe, not even in the 1960s.
> >
> > AFAIK The earliest stereo session by Max Roach on Mercury was on in Mar.
> > 1957, that would appear on stereo version of "Jazz in 3/4 Time" (SR-80002).
> > The previous 1956 session (appeard on "Max Roach Plus Four" MG-36098)
> > were recorded on monaural only, but the catalog number for the
> > equivalent stereo release was assigned (SR-80001, unreleased).
> > Just my guess, but it would be either that some simultaneous/experimental
> > stereo recording was tried during the "Plus Four" session (but rejected),
> > or that Mercury once planned to release the fake stereo version of the
> > session (but rejected).
> >
> > And AFAIK The earliest stereo session by Cannonball on Mercury was in
> > Mar. 1958 that would appear on stereo version of "Cannonball's Sharpshooters"
> > (SR-80018). This was released in 1959 or 1960. One of the "Enroute"
> > was from the "Sharpshooters" session ("I'll Remember April") - so
> > this stereo version does exist.
> >
> >
> >> By the way, Cannonball's "Jump For Joy" (with strings) was test-pressed
> >> in stereo but I haven't seen a production stereo LP.
> >> The stereo master was used on the CD reissue which also included
> >> the mono "Cannonball with Strings."
> >
> > As for "Jump For Joy" (MG-36146 / SR-80017) - stereo version was
> > released in 1959 or 1960. Can be easily found on the second-hand market.