Thank you so much for all the responses.

It certainly gives me a good direction to follow for learning and acquiring
copyrights for broadcast and commercial distribution. It will be a first
time thing for me, but I think the nature of the project will benefit highly
from the use of this music, or music from this particular band leader.

 At the very least learning the process of acquiring rights will be very
fulfilling. I'm really interested in learning how much something like this
would even cost, really in the scale of 40's music my potential choices are
very under the general radar which gives me hope that whatever monetary
value it holds will be reasonable. (oh I hope. haha)

Thank you again for the resources and information, I can't wait to read up
about the Sita Sings the Blues article also. Always good to know what to
watch out for.

 In the end it maybe easier to use a indie/local jazz band, but much in the
vein of what this whole list is all about, this music should be cherished
and shared. Even if its a pain in the rump to so.

Peter Charuza