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> I used to feel like an old fart because I stopped listening to new
> music about 2000.I never heard of Amy Winehouse until she died.When I
> pulled up some of her videos on You Tube,I thought is that it ?Geez,I
> would rather pull out my 43 year old "360 Sound" pressing of "Cheap
> Thrills",or my 42 year old British Philips pressing of "Dusty In
> Memphis".More originality,and passion in one single groove of either
> of those records.
> Where are we going?In the words of Firesign Theater "Forward Into The
> Past".
I think the most interesting new music is to be heard under the very
broad banner of "world music". The broadcasts from WOMAD this week
included a great variety of good stuff.

At a certain point, a class of music such as Rock or Country becomes a
genre, and performers start to repeat old formulas. 

A more abstract approach is the DJ style, where samples are used to
replace the notes of traditional instruments. I suppose the middle
movement of Ives's Three Places is a distant forerunner of this. Chords and
harmony become less important than rhythm.

> It wasn't until I read this WSJ article,that I connected it at all
> with 9/11.If you were of a certain mindset,you could argue,those
> planes somehow disrupted the space-time continuum,and mass
> conciousness,to make a certain per centage of the population think
> they were living in the 1970s.
> I know I've listened to too much Art Bell and George Noory.
> Roger
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> The Pre-1977 thing is more of a personal thing i guess then. A few
> bands put out good records in the 80's but for the most part it
> doesn't interest *me. *
>  Preserving and archiving today's indie movers and shakers is going
> to be quite a challenge indeed. Think of the poor digital recording
> masters. If by luck a ProTools or Logic master save file exists, the
> trouble of getting old software to run on new computers, or dealing
> with corrupt digital data will be nightmare. low rent mp3's maybe all
> that will exist.
> The rave - electro dance sound is what i was driving at with Techno or
> Electronica. Having younger siblings growing up in this musical
> culture you can't help but see the draw and power so much of that
> sound has on people now adays. Its not just dark basement raves
> anymore. Much of their rock and pop is pulling from the dance music
> scene. I dread even to bring up the term dub step, as the latest
> incarnation of the techno craze.
> For the most part new hits are plain boring, but there is a large
> wealthy bastion of proper indie music. They're getting easier to spot
> and find amongst the over glammed 'image' based music. The big
> question in my mind is are they doing anything different that whats
> been around 40-50 years ago. Not really. Sometimes. Where are we going
> from here? and no one say Nu Metal please.
> Peter
Don Cox
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