A question for the brains trust. We have discovered a stash of square 
dance records on 33rpm 7" microgroove acetates. They all have two songs 
per side, most well known songs turned into square dance calls. The labels 
are very simply printed white labels with 'Acetate Recording' at the top 
and 'Use Lightweight Pickup' at the bottom and 'Speed...' and 'Needle...' 
printed across the middle with room to write or type more information, 
which is little more than the original song titles. Some have a visible 
gap between the two songs, other don't, just a couple of seconds of silent 
groove. The musical accompaniment is pretty simple, just a bajo, organ or 
in at least one case,  vibes.There is no other information other than the 
name(?) Earnshaw written on most of them in a different pen than the title 

Might these discs be from a small scale production house who would custom 
cut them for square dance clubs or enthusiasts from existing records or 
tapes. The voices would seem to be American (rather than Australians doing 
it in an American accent) and we are wondering what they might be and 
where they might have come from. Square dancing had a few years of fairly 
wide popularity in Australia in the mid 50s and of course there are still 
numerous square dance clubs around the country, but these days it is a 
minority interest.



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