The conversion happens externally and since this is a new setup, we need 
a new AES/EBU input card. I haven't kept up on this as we have Card 
Deluxes that have been in service here for 10+ years and we standardized 
on them so we wouldn't have to troubleshoot multiple driver/OS problems.

I just need something simple that passes the incoming bitstream to the 
computer, stays out of the way, and isn't bundled with other hardware 
and software as our workflows are already set around our existing 
hardware and software.


On 8/9/2011 10:46 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
> Hi David:
> That's a real bummer. Those are my front-line ADC's too.
> There has been much progress in recent years with external ADC's. 
> However, I keep reading articles and papers about the USB connection 
> not being ideal due to jitter and latency issues. And yet, firewire 
> keeps getting de-emphasized by hardware manufacturers. I'm also not 
> sure what role video circuitry plays in a modern Windows system. Even 
> thru XP, there was some interaction between digital audio and the 
> video subsystem, I'm not expert enough to discuss details but there 
> are articles and white papers out there.
> If you're doing your analog-to-digital conversion externally and then 
> "recording" an AES/EBU stream, it seems like you could use a very 
> simple interface, but again I'm not sure how much clocking and latency 
> matter in that setup.
> I've had some CardDeluxe cards since 1999 and they still work fine. 
> Why not just recycle them as you upgrade computers, or are you 
> building out more workstations and now need a new way to skin the cat?
> -- Tom Fine
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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] digital input sound card recommendation
>> This discussion has come up repeatedly over the years but I just 
>> learned that the Digital Audio Labs CardDelux has been discontinued. 
>> I'm not sure why they have been discontinued, but we got a call from 
>> the manufacturer who said that they are "obsolete." We have long used 
>> their cards (we are a PC shop) and I need to spec out another 
>> PC-based audio workstation. I use the CardDelux for the AES/EBU 
>> digital inputs.
>> What are people using for digital input from an external ADC these 
>> days? Is there an equivalent sound card to the DAL card with AES/EBU 
>> digital inputs? I know some ADCs offer firewire/USB outputs, but I 
>> haven't really explored that.
>> Please send any suggestions to me on or off list.
>> David Seubert

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