He needs PCI and that card is PCI Express. Agree that it's a 21st Century update of the same 
funcitonality as the CardDeluxe, and more, with a higher max resolution to boot.

Here's a possible PCI candidate:

Also, for digital only, the Lynx AES 16 might be an even better solution, if overkill for 1 or 2 
channel audio:

-- Tom Fine

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> If it were me I'd have a look at the RME AIO. It is basically  a 21st
> century version of the card you were using. Stereo analog, AES, SPDIF
> and ADAT I/O that can all be used simultaneously.
> Here is the link to check it out.
> All the best,
> -mark
> Mark Donahue
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> On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 7:20 PM, David Seubert <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> The conversion happens externally and since this is a new setup, we need a
>> new AES/EBU input card. I haven't kept up on this as we have Card Deluxes
>> that have been in service here for 10+ years and we standardized on them so
>> we wouldn't have to troubleshoot multiple driver/OS problems.
>> I just need something simple that passes the incoming bitstream to the
>> computer, stays out of the way, and isn't bundled with other hardware and
>> software as our workflows are already set around our existing hardware and
>> software.
>> David