We've always liked the RME products and currently use the RME HDSPe AES.  

We've used RME over the past 15 years...


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Subject: [ARSCLIST] digital input sound card recommendation

This discussion has come up repeatedly over the years but I just learned 
that the Digital Audio Labs CardDelux has been discontinued. I'm not 
sure why they have been discontinued, but we got a call from the 
manufacturer who said that they are "obsolete." We have long used their 
cards (we are a PC shop) and I need to spec out another PC-based audio 
workstation. I use the CardDelux for the AES/EBU digital inputs.

What are people using for digital input from an external ADC these days? 
Is there an equivalent sound card to the DAL card with AES/EBU digital 
inputs? I know some ADCs offer firewire/USB outputs, but I haven't 
really explored that.

Please send any suggestions to me on or off list.

David Seubert