Hi Kohji:

OK, I'm embarassed here. Last time I write about this stuff from memory without diggigng out the CD!

You are correct that there is not a stereo version of "Cannonball Enroute." The tracks on the TWO 
(not 3) CD set "Sophisticated Swing - The Emarcy Small Group Sessions" (Verve 314 528 408-2) are 
indeed in mono. The only tracks in stereo were the sessions for "Cannonball's Sharpshooters." 
However, it's strange that tracks recorded in 1957 at Capitol NYC (which I think was the case for 
the "Enroute" and "Sophisticated Swing" sessions) were not recorded in stereo and mono at the same 
time. That was the case for Richard Hayman and other sessions done there in that timeframe. It could 
be that they never intended to release Cannonball on 2T tape, so they saved a little money by going 
just mono. It's also possible that there were stereo tapes made but never ended up being released 
and were then lost in the vaults.

-- Tom Fine

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> At Tue, 9 Aug 2011 20:19:28 -0400,
> Tom Fine wrote:
>> Regarding "Cannonball Enroute," the 3CD reissue by Polygram from the
>> early 90's contains stereo of all those tunes, not fake stereo.
>> The only true mono material is the first Emarcy album and the Nat
>> Adderley Emarcy album.
> Tom-san, would you please let me know the title (and its catalog
> number if possible) of the 3CD reissue that contains the true stereo
> version of "Enroute"? Would like to find and listen to it...
> Kohji
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