In the jazz world bassist  Charles Mingus owned many of his masters and in  
the Latin world bassist Bobby Valentin did the same thing. Many artists  
self-financed as they did not want to owe the company store and they often  
struck better deals in the process. If I am.not mistaken Tom Waits also did  
this at a certain point with his latest label Epitaph. But perhaps the most  
remarkable example was Frank Zappa who owned every album he ever made.

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From Michael Biel: "  You often tell us you worked for Motown.  What Motown
performer owns their masters?" 

Motown was launched by Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson buying back the lease
of their master "Shop Around" from Chess as it climbed the charts! I know
for a fact that Stevie Wonder owns all of his masters and I'm sure a number
of the others do also. It's a pretty common part of any popular artist's
second record deal with the same label. When I started asking around a few
years ago I was shocked by how common master leases have actually been.	

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