Hello, Dan,

It all really depends on what you are digitizing. While we used to be 
able to obtain substantial improvements with upgrading converters, most 
upgrades today really are most noticeable with the highest quality music 

Unless you are using one of a handful of high-end tape decks for 
reproduction, you might see more of an upgrade by spending the money on 
the analog portion of your chain rather than the digital portion.

I was pleased by the increase in sonic quality with my new RME Fireface 
UFX, but it was subtle. The Apogee products have a good reputation, but 
I have not first-hand experience with them.



On 2011-08-24 3:25 PM, Daniel Roth wrote:
> Greetings,
> Please give me your opinion on the best AD/DA converter for purposes of archival audio. Currently using an Apogee Rosetta 200 and considering the Apogee Ensemble as an upgrade.
> What are YOUR thoughts?
> Thank you for your insights,
> Dan
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