Hi, Tom (and all),

It looks as if Roger is setting a ReplyTo header to his personal address 
in the message he's sending.

If you do a Reply All to such messages, you should get the list AND the 
sender, but if you just hit reply, at least Thunderbird honours the 
ReplyTo header.



On 2011-08-08 8:28 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
> See if that works for replying to messages posted by Roger Kulp or Joe 
> Salerno. There are a few others too, so I'm not just singling out 
> those two. But when I reply to their postings, replies go to them 
> unless I paste ARCLIST e-mail into the TO box. This is not the case 
> with most others, including you, Shai. I think this is a user setting 
> on the ARCLIST server, but I may be wrong. My point is, this should be 
> disabled, it shouldn't be a user option.  Replies to any posting 
> should go to the list by default. Perhaps there could be a user 
> setting where replies go to the list by default and CC that user at 
> the same time. I can see how a user might want a direct reply, and 
> have no beef with that. I just think the default reply should go to 
> the list for sure and include the user as his or her option. We other 
> listmembers shouldn't have to wonder or care about where a reply is 
> going when the postings are in a public forum. This is a listserve, 
> not a person-to-person e-mail system.
> -- Tom Fine
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> Sent: Monday, August 08, 2011 7:36 AM
> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] annoying "feature" of ARSCLIST
>> When I hit reply it goes to the list. Maybe it's a setting in your 
>> email? I use Thunderbird.
>> Shai
>> On 08/08/2011 13:47, Tom Fine wrote:
>>> Why, when I hit "reply" to some posts to this list, does the e-mail 
>>> get sent to that person instead of to the ARCLIST. This is true of 
>>> several individuals on this list. Is this a "feature" allowed in 
>>> one's personal settings when they sign up? Why is this allowed? It's 
>>> very annoying. What is the advantage of allowing this? Hitting reply 
>>> to a list posting should reply to the list only. The post being 
>>> replied to was posted to a public list/forum, not an individual 
>>> person-to-person e-mail. The reply should be public too.
>>> -- Tom Fine

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