Lynx & RME make simple digital I/O PCI cards. One of their models should work great for you.

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On Aug 9, 2011, at 5:20 PM, David Seubert wrote:

> The conversion happens externally and since this is a new setup, we need 
> a new AES/EBU input card. I haven't kept up on this as we have Card 
> Deluxes that have been in service here for 10+ years and we standardized 
> on them so we wouldn't have to troubleshoot multiple driver/OS problems.
> I just need something simple that passes the incoming bitstream to the 
> computer, stays out of the way, and isn't bundled with other hardware 
> and software as our workflows are already set around our existing 
> hardware and software.
> David
> On 8/9/2011 10:46 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
>> Hi David:
>> That's a real bummer. Those are my front-line ADC's too.
>> There has been much progress in recent years with external ADC's. 
>> However, I keep reading articles and papers about the USB connection 
>> not being ideal due to jitter and latency issues. And yet, firewire 
>> keeps getting de-emphasized by hardware manufacturers. I'm also not 
>> sure what role video circuitry plays in a modern Windows system. Even 
>> thru XP, there was some interaction between digital audio and the 
>> video subsystem, I'm not expert enough to discuss details but there 
>> are articles and white papers out there.
>> If you're doing your analog-to-digital conversion externally and then 
>> "recording" an AES/EBU stream, it seems like you could use a very 
>> simple interface, but again I'm not sure how much clocking and latency 
>> matter in that setup.
>> I've had some CardDeluxe cards since 1999 and they still work fine. 
>> Why not just recycle them as you upgrade computers, or are you 
>> building out more workstations and now need a new way to skin the cat?
>> -- Tom Fine
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>> Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2011 1:38 PM
>> Subject: [ARSCLIST] digital input sound card recommendation
>>> This discussion has come up repeatedly over the years but I just 
>>> learned that the Digital Audio Labs CardDelux has been discontinued. 
>>> I'm not sure why they have been discontinued, but we got a call from 
>>> the manufacturer who said that they are "obsolete." We have long used 
>>> their cards (we are a PC shop) and I need to spec out another 
>>> PC-based audio workstation. I use the CardDelux for the AES/EBU 
>>> digital inputs.
>>> What are people using for digital input from an external ADC these 
>>> days? Is there an equivalent sound card to the DAL card with AES/EBU 
>>> digital inputs? I know some ADCs offer firewire/USB outputs, but I 
>>> haven't really explored that.
>>> Please send any suggestions to me on or off list.
>>> David Seubert
>>> UCSB
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