In the last couple of days,I have seen a couple of people that only verify what this article is talking about.On Sunday,while at the flea market,where,for $15 each,I scored two nice early solid state Marantz tuners,that are going on eBay,I saw this kid who couldn't have been any more than ten,listening to Chubby Checker,on a Lloyd's transistor radio ,in a leather case,that must have been from the late 50s,or early 60s itself.

Just like Gramma and Grampa did.

Today,sitting across from me on the bus,were these two guys,who were obviously about seventeen.One had on one of those replica 1972 Rolling Stones tour t-shirts, the other a psychedelic day-glo one,with a marijuana leaf.They spent the whole time talking about "smokin' lids","trippin' on shrooms",and getting caught by "the man".All that was missing was the love beads,and the David Cassidy hair.

Maybe there is some sort of rip in the timeline that we don't know about.