There is this publication:

Record Ratings: The Music Library Association's Index of Record
Reviews, compiled by Kurtz Myers, edited by Richard S. Hill (New York:
Crown Publishers, Inc., 1956), gives a listing of works organized by
composer, under each is a specific recording of the piece, followed by
(very) brief citations for reviews of the recording in question.
There are also indexes for record label name/release number and by
performer (broken down by organization, conductor, vocalist,
instrumentalist, miscellaneous, and diction performer).

You can get a good understanding of how this index works by checking
out p. viii, the "Summary account of how Record Ratings works"

It looks like one of the periodicals indexed is indeed, Saturday Review

SR  Saturday Review, Weekly, 25th West 45th Street, New York 36, N.Y. $7.00

Hope that helps,

Thomas Pease
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Recorded Sound Processing Unit.
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> Maybe Reader's Guide to Periodical Lit?  I'm pretty sure I used it for the
> same purpose in the 1960s.
> Norm
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>> Are their record reviews indexed anywhere?  I'm trying to track one from
>> 1946.
>> Thanks for any guidance,
>> Dick