Yeah Art Bell can get pretty close to the edge of the cliff...
As an alternative check out,
This will take you back to the 60s for sure....
I appologize if this is considered spam    i dont do it again 


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I used to feel like an old fart because I stopped listening to new music about 2000.I never heard of Amy Winehouse until she died.When I pulled up some of her videos on You Tube,I thought is that it ?Geez,I would rather pull out my 43 year old "360 Sound" pressing of "Cheap Thrills",or my 42 year old British Philips pressing of "Dusty In Memphis".More originality,and passion in one single groove of either of those records.

Where are we going?In the words of Firesign Theater "Forward Into The Past".

It wasn't until I read this WSJ article,that I connected it at all with 9/11.If you were of a certain mindset,you could argue,those planes somehow disrupted the space-time continuum,and mass conciousness,to make a certain per centage of the population think they were living in the 1970s.

I know I've listened to too much Art Bell and George Noory.


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The Pre-1977 thing is more of a personal thing i guess then. A few bands put
out good records in the 80's but for the most part it doesn't interest *me.

  Preserving and archiving today's indie movers and shakers is going to be
quite a challenge indeed. Think of the poor digital recording masters. If by
luck a ProTools or Logic master save file exists, the trouble of getting old
software to run on new computers, or dealing with corrupt digital data will
be nightmare. low rent mp3's maybe all that will exist.

The rave - electro dance sound is what i was driving at with Techno or
Electronica. Having younger siblings growing up in this musical culture you
can't help but see the draw and power so much of that sound has on people
now adays. Its not just dark basement raves anymore. Much of their rock and
pop is pulling from the dance music scene. I dread even to bring up the term
dub step, as the latest incarnation of the techno craze.

For the most part new hits are plain boring, but there is a large wealthy
bastion of proper indie music. They're getting easier to spot and find
amongst the over glammed 'image' based music. The big question in my mind is
are they doing anything different that whats been around 40-50 years ago.
Not really. Sometimes. Where are we going from here? and no one say Nu Metal