One way to eliminate this problem (and others) would be to use the
Associated Audio Archivist Message board on the ARSC web site, rather
than an email listserv.  This would also allow discussions to be more
easily grouped by topic.  The topics could be more easily searched than
is currently possible using the ARSClist archives.  

The most recent post on the message board is from April, which seems a
shame since the ARSClist is so active, but is less user-friendly than a
message board in many ways.


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It definitely has nothing to do with the e-mail client. It should be
fixed at the listserv.

Also agree with Lou about the cc'ing. This should be a user preference
set at the listserv.

-- Tom Fine

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>I think it has nothing to do with the reipient's email program, and  
> everything to do with setting on the listserve. I agree with your  
> preference, Tom.
> What annoys me more is people on other lists who insist on CCing me  
> when they reply to the list - then I get it twice and have to decide  
> which to reply to!
> <L>
> On Aug 8, 2011, at 6:23 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
> Same case for Outlook Express (honors the REPLY TO header). This  
> REPLY TO should not be an option. It should be hard-set to  
> [log in to unmask] What the user should have the option to do

> is set the CC to their own address.
> -- Tom Fine