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> Hello!
> > Thinking about calendars..
> I can add, as information which may be useful during phase two, that the 
> formerly used "Swedish calendar" had some peculiarities. One example of 
> these is the following date
> 1712-02-30
> which is a VALID date according to the Swedish calendar (not in use today) 
> still "present" in historical documents.

The date 2012-02-30 using the (very short lived) Swedish calendar is still a 
valid date just as the day 17th of Av 5771 (5771-05-17) is a valid date 
(today, at least here for the next few minutes as the Sun comes to set) in 
the Jewish calendar. In the International calendar, however, the year is 
2011 and not 5771, the month is August, the 8th month and not Av.. and Feb. 
never has 30 days...

> More details about such issues are for phase two.
> Regards!
> [UTF-8?]Saašha,


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