From: Edward C. Zimmermann

> I think we need to be a bit more careful using our language.
> 2004-06-uu is not an unspecified day in June 2004 but a "not as yet
> specified day in June 2004". We, I feel, must think of "u" as a
> placeholder and nothing other than a placeholder. That is why "2004-06-
> uu" has day precision. The use of "u" is to explicitly declare that "at
> some point in the future the respective u characters shall be replaced
> by digits"--- this point in the future might be in 5 min or might be in
> the Messianic Era.
> An event that began on an unspecified day (unspecified since the
> readability was limited to month) should use as its start 2004-06, e.g.
>    2004-06/2004-07-03

Ed - if your argument applies only to a date within an interval than I can
go along with it. And rather than say "at some point in the future ..." I
think it would be best to remove the example.

You're not suggesting that in a standalone date, a placeholder "u" always
means that it will be filled in later, are you?