> if EDTF is a success, it will be used outside of XML.
I hope it will both!

> > we may want to use QNames, URL, URI, IRI,
> > LEIRI, URN ...
> we should avoid any solutions that are too
> particularly tied to XML (like QNames).
I wrote that we "may want", but maybe I should have clarified that we may 
choose something else, of course! That's a question for phase two.

The datatype xs:QName is defined in the context of XML Schema - not XML 
per se. Furthermore, it is usable in non-XML contexts. The W3C explains:

> The value space of QName is the set of tuples
> {namespace name, local part}, where namespace
> name is an anyURI and local part is an NCName.

To use xs:QName within JSON, you will need to write this tuple using a 
notation compatible with JSON, for example:

{ localPart : "something", namespaceName : "" }

with a one-to-one matching to the value space described by the W3C 
(assuming suitable escaping).