> QNames are highly controversial.
I think we agree that we won't use xs:QName for qualifiers as of phase 
one. Maybe we could move this interesting topic to phase two and try to 
focus on what can be useful for phase one.

My main suggestion was to exclude from EDTF qualifiers (phase one), all 
characters excluded by xs:NCName (such as space and colon).

In other words: Could we agree on xs:NCName or a subset thereof?

One possible, but very limited subset of xs:NCName would be qualifiers 


(or similar depending on which regex flavor you use), but we would 
probably prefer to be able to use other alphabets and characters, too.

Maybe xs:NCName is too wide for EDTF qualifiers. In that case, the 
question is: Which of the characters allowed within xs:NCName should be 
excluded to create the datatype for EDTF qualifiers?