I think that this might be an issue with the errors that you're getting while attempting to validate the document?  In any event, you can definitely include text within p tags (since they're defined as being able to contain mixedContent in the XSD,, so I would tend to think that something else must be invalid with the document.

One important difference from EAD and EAC, for instance, is the use of camel-case tags in EAC.  So, whereas EAD has <bioghist>, EAC has <biogHist>.  I noticed this as soon as I attempted to do an xsl:copy from EAD to EAC (i.e., not only do emph tags need to be changed to span, but other tags like chronlist need to be changed to chronList).

Perhaps that's the issue?  If not, can you include the EAC file that you're working with?


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Hi guys --

I'm creating some sample EAC records using the XSD schema from the website ( ).  I'm working on the bioghist, and it won't let me put text in a p element.  It insists text is not allowed there and I must insert a <span> element to contain text.  The tag description says that the <p> element is allowed to contain text ( ).  Perhaps the description is not up to date?  I know mixed content is frowned upon...

If somebody could confirm that this is correct and not an error in the schema that would be great.

Thanks --


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