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> So far as I can make out from the records, Reuel Golden's 
> Photojournalism, 1855 to the present : editor's choice (LCCN 2005033861) 
> was published in Great Britain a year earlier as Witness : the world's 
> greatest news photographers.

  AACR2 25.1A mentions the need to use uniform titles as partially 
dependent on "1) how well the work is known, 2) how many manefestations of 
the work are involved." Therein lies one distinction between Shakespeare 
and Golden.

  AACR2 25.2B says in part "Relate editions not connected by uniform titles 
by giving the title of the earlier edition in a note in the entry for the 
later edition [etc.]."

  A single "edition" is defined in AARC2 in part as "copies ... issued by 
the same entity."

  Thus: issues by different publishers, especially under different titles, 
are considered to be different "editions", so 25.2B applies when 25.1A is 
not significant.

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