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Please also note: In this 2011 Issue 3 release, DCM Z1 has been updated to reflect the following:


1XX - Revised to inform catalogers that Library and Archives Canada (LAC) will now align with LC policy in tagging and qualifying headings for parks and forests.  Includes guidelines on how to implement this change.


670 - Revised to add guidelines on how to convert and now represent data from non-active MARC fields (e.g., 664, 665, 666) in active 670 fields.






      I am pleased to report that 2011 Issue 3 of Cataloger's Desktop was released today. There are a small number of changes to Desktop in this issue:


FRAD: Funktionella krav på auktoritetsdata: En konceptuell modell was added

DCM: Descriptive Cataloging Manual was updated  Several crawled websites have been moved  All but essentially static web-based resources are now up-to-date


      A major change with this issue is that we are now using the same version of the LCPS: Library of Congress Policy Statements XML files that is found in the RDA Toolkit.  What this means is that Desktop and Toolkit LCPS versions should be in sync, which should prevent confusion in the future. 


      I would like to alert you to a couple of concerns about this change:


1. Most of the hypertext links in the LCPS files were stripped out when they were loaded into RDA Toolkit. Roughly 95% of those links have been restored.  If you find any missing or broken hypertext links in LCPS, please email me directly at [log in to unmask] with the following subject line: "LCPS link problem". PLEASE DO NOT SEND THESE REPORTS TO THE CATALOGER'S DESKTOP LIST.


2. When you link from LCPS to RDA, you are seeing RDA within RDA Toolkit, even though you see it within your Cataloger's Desktop document pane.  If you link then from RDA to LCPS, you will be seeing LCPS from RDA Toolkit, again within your Cataloger's Desktop document pane.  The content is the same, but this may make for confusing navigation.


      As always, thank you very much for your continued support.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about these changes.




Bruce Chr. Johnson

The Library of Congress

Policy & Standards Division

Washington, DC 20540-4263 USA


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