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Sent: Monday, August 15, 2011 8:34 AM
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Subject: [PCCLIST] Eleven new RDA change proposals - seeking PCC comments


Eleven RDA change proposals have been posted on the JSC website from non-ALA sources; CC:DA is now seeking feedback on these. In order to meet CC:DA's deadlines, I need your comments on the following --no later than Sept. 6--:


·         12-16, 23, 33-37 (Group 3 entities and "subject") -

·         Date of signing a treaty (, -

·         Field of Activity (9.15) and Profession/Occupation (9.16) -

·         Proposed revision to Glossary definition of vocal score -

·         Proposed revision to instruction, "Compilations of Musical Works,", "Recording Numeric Designations of Musical Works," and, "Additions to Access Points Representing Compilations of Musical Works -

·         Proposed revision to instruction, "Instrumental Music Indended for One Performer to a Part" -

·         Proposed revision to instruction, "Groups of Instruments" -

·         Proposed revision to instruction, "Accompaniment for Songs, Lieder, etc." -

·         Revision of RDA Names Written in a Non-preferred Script -

·         Revision of RDA,,, Recording Place of Production [Publication, Distribution, Manufacture] -

·         Revision of RDA 2.5.2: Designation of Edition and Revision of RDA 2.5.6: Designation of a Named Revision of an Edition -



Please send your comments directly to me and not to the PCC list; I will contribute them to CC:DA's discussion space for their consideration. If you have an opportunity to comment on these papers through multiple CC:DA liaisons or voting members, please select just one of us to contribute on your behalf.



Please contact me if you have any questions about the above, or if you have specific PCC proposals to change RDA.


I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



Kathy Glennan

PCC liaison to CC:DA

Head, Special Resources Cataloging / Music Cataloger

University of Maryland

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