Dear PCCLIST readers,

See the two NARs below.  The first was originally created as a differentiated record, but apparently LC made it undifferentiated despite the presence of a date in field 100.

I dispute the practice of creating undifferentiated records with dates.  AACR2 22.20A instructs to use the undifferentiated heading, which I interpret to mean no qualifier.  Others may differ in opinion, and if there is a statement somewhere about this practice I'd appreciate knowing about it.  The text of 22.20A is: "If no suitable addition (fuller form of name, dates, or distinguishing term) is available, use the same heading for all persons with the same name."  I see no LCRI for this rule.

This is the first such NAR I recall seeing, although I believe the practice of assigning the heading for one author of known birth year to a different author with the same birth year is quite common. 

I have sent a preliminary e-mail to the author of the book in hand, titled Controlling for competitiveness, clearly the person for which the NAR was originally created.  Perhaps he'll disclose to me his birthday.   If he doesn't, I might  threaten him with perpetual ambiguity and undifferentiation.  :-)

Please reply to [log in to unmask] as well as to PCCLIST, as I'm behind in reading list mail, which is sent to a different address.  Thanks - Ian

Ian Fairclough
George Mason University
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010  no2005008093
040  OkU ǂb eng ǂc OkU ǂd DLC
1001 Nilsson, Fredrik, ǂd 1967-
667  Formerly on undifferentiated name record: no2003046446
670  [Author of Understanding ... ]
670  Understanding competitive advantage, c2005: ǂb t.p. (Fredrik Nilsson) t.p. verso (EIS/IDA, Linköping University)
670  Linköping University, Dept. of Computer and Information Science, WWW site, Jan. 26, 2005 ǂb Fredrik Nilsson (b. 1967)
670  E-mail from author, Jan. 27, 2005 ǂb (not the author of I rörelse or architectural books)
670  [Editor of Regionauterna]
670  Regionauterna, 2010: ǂb t.p. (Fredrik Nilsson) p. 215 (b. 1967, docent i etnologi; some works listed)

010  no2003046446
040  WU ǂb eng ǂc WU ǂd DLC ǂd NjBlaOCU ǂd DLC
1001 Nilsson, Fredrik
670  [Author of Intelligent network video]
670  Intelligent network video, c2009: ǂb t.p. (Fredrik Nilsson) p. xxix (general manager, Axis Communications, Inc.; grad. of Lund Institute of Technology; masters in electrical engineering; post-graduate studies in economics)
670  [Editor of Rockin' the borders]
670  Rockin' the borders, 2010: ǂb t.p. (Fredrik Nilsson)