Hi Erik,

I've always found that the best way to low noise is to keep the 
analog audio out of the computer, Mac or PC.  The insides of a 
computer are a very RF rich environment that frequently causes noise 
in the audio.

As to which interface, it depends on how many channels you need.  For 
two channels, I favor the Apogee Duet, now in model 2 configuration. 
It's simple, compact elegant and sounds good.  It's also about $600.

Being somewhat budget constrained, and not doing much multi-track, my 
interface for that is an older MOTU 896.  Not the greatest performer 
initially, after being modified by Black Lion Audio, it was a whole 
new machine.  Interestingly enough, the modifications were all to the 
analog sections, an area that frequently is the Achilles heel of 
processors.  You might look at the newer version.  I understand they 
a much better than a stock mk 1.  There is also a version without mic 
preamps if that better suits your needs.

As always, your mileage may vary.  BTW, I have been doing all my 
recording with the Mac for a very long time.

Bob Cham

>Hello all!
>I was wondering if this list had any recommendations for a sound 
>card for a mac pro.
>I thought I could get another lynx l22 for the mac since i like the 
>one i use in our pc. The only problem is that card is not available 
>as a pci express card.
>I was looking at this one:
>This card costs around 700 to 800 dollars. Any other suggestions 
>should not be much more expensive than that.
>I plan on using wavelab 7 as my audio editor.
>Any thoughts or recommendations for a mac novice would be greatly appreciated.
>Erik Dix
>Notre Dame Archives