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I use since one week an RME Fireface 400, sufficient to digitalize in high =
quality any pro field recording (preset 1).

A very good product, but a little difficult to set...


R. Parejo-Coudert

Ethnomusicologue / Ethnomusicologist / Etnomusic=F3logo

Anthropologie visuelle et sonore
Visual and Sound Anthropology
Antropolog=EDa visual y sonora

Archives sonores - Archivos sonoros - Sound Archives


Le (El) Thu, 29 Sep 2011 08:32:53 -0400, Erik Dix, wrote me / m'a =E9crit =
/ me escribi=F3:

>Hello all!
>I was wondering if this list had any recommendations for a sound card 
>for a mac pro.
>I thought I could get another lynx l22 for the mac since i like the one 
>i use in our pc. The only problem is that card is not available as a pci 
>express card.
>I was looking at this one:
>This card costs around 700 to 800 dollars. Any other suggestions should 
>not be much more expensive than that.
>I plan on using wavelab 7 as my audio editor.
>Any thoughts or recommendations for a mac novice would be greatly 
>Erik Dix
>Notre Dame Archives