I agree about gratuitous slagging of the dead, that's just mean and uncouth.

That said, there's plenty of lock-tight copyrighted music that gets cheapened by the advertising 
world. I was dismayed to observe, over time, that the Beatles, Stones, Who, Kinks and everyone who 
came after them has a price when Madison Avenue calls dangling a deal. It's not enough to get rich 
off the records and concert tours, I guess. Where's the integrity to say, my music is art and I 
don't feel art should be used to sell automobiles? That's just my own aesthetic, I'm sure I'd feel 
differently if I wrote a hit and Madison Avenue dangled the bux in front of me.

-- Tom Fine

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For the record, not everyone thinks copyrights should enter into the
public domain ASAP, and certainly not at the expense of human life.
If ARSC wishes to be taken seriously in copyright legislation, I would
advise more diplomatic expressions.

Frankly, there are classical masterpieces I wish were still under
copyright control so I wouldn't have to hear them used to advertise
the most inane consumer product.  It's took me over 25 years to even
begin to appreciate Beethoven's 5th.

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> Cary Ginell wrote:
>> I was not in Sonny Bono's district to vote him out of office. Sorry.
> Cary you may not have, but a fortuitously located tree eventually did us all
> a favor, although unfortunately, not soon enough! Who knows what other
> malicious legislation he might have sponsored had he survived.
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