From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Hi Steve,

In the old days Xeroxing was made on big clunky machines with large motors 
and large stray fields, which however were fairly far from the platen where 
you would put the tape box. The same applied for Brunig and U-Bix model one 
from ca. 1975 (I have a motor from one of those). However, one Xerox machine 
from ca. 1982 was compact, and when it had been designed there was very 
little room for the mains transformer, and it was made in a flat design that 
did not have the best magnetic circuit in the world. That transformer would 
have a considerable stray field, and it was next to the platen, hanging down 
vertically, so I would consider that construction a definite risk to magnetic 
tape. Today all motors are low voltage, and possibly the days of the mains 
transformer are over.

Please consider that Xerox have for years fought the notion that you could 
'xerox' anything: what you did was to make 'a Xerox photocopy'. Otherwise you 
get dilution of the trademark.

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> Is there any effect on magnetic tape when the normal box holding it is
> xeroxed?
> Steve Smolian