Going back to this ARSC thread:

What was the outcome of Madacy's litigation against that UK group? I noticed some of the UK CD's are 
available at ArkivMusic, and some were sold as cut-outs by one of the online used/new CD places. 
When they were on special for only a couple of bucks each, I couldn't resist. Some are much better 
than others. I'm wondering if some are just clones of the Omega Group CD reissues from the 90's. 
Others sound like they are from LP transfers, with way too aggressive digital "NR" applied. One, the 
Mahler 5th, won't play correctly in any of my players but doesn't appear to be physically scratched, 
so I wonder if there is a digital error in the master file.

Mark Jenkins' statement about Classic Records did not come to full fruition. As I understand it, 
Classic was shut down as a reissue producer and its remaining inventory was sold to Chad Kassim at 
Acoustic Sounds. As far as I know, the only Madacy-produced Everest reissue is the bargain-priced 
Beethoven cycle. I think the only reissues made from the actual 35mm mag-films were done by Classic 
Records, but some of the Omega Group reissue may have also been from 35mm (the story I remember is 
that they found 3-track 1/2" masters but not 35mm, that the 35mm were located in a California 
warehouse after the Omega Group reissues).

Anyway, would be good to know the facts about where things stand with Everest these days.

-- Tom Fine