Please do not use these. I have seen edge damage on incoming tapes when 
these are forced over an uneven wind.

Tape the end of the tape to the outside flange of the reel (or to itself 
in a pancake. If you can still find Zebra Tape, that is the best 
choice--someone dug up a five-to-ten year supply for me but it's all 
gone from that source.

The red and blue crepe-y tape isn't bad.

Scotch 811 removable "Magic" tape works reasonably well for something 
that is easy to get at a stationary store.



On 2011-09-18 5:22 PM, Michael Biel wrote:
> On 9/18/2011 4:18 PM, Rhett McMahon wrote:
>> I think I found what you seek.  On the inside of the box of some
>> early Scotch tapes:  No. 12 - End-Of-Reel Tape Clips.
>> "Clip securely to tape, prevent spilling or tangling in handling,
>> storage and mailing.  Fit inside reel, won't distort reels in
>> storage.  Work equally well on partial or full reels."
>> Hope this helps.  Rhett     Rhett McMahon
> If this is what you have or want to use, DON'T USE IT!!  Unless your 
> tape wind is PERFECT it will crease and damage the tape edges. The 
> sides were triangular, about a half inch on each side, and there was a 
> littletab on top to slp the tape in.  That tab has a  3m logo.  3m 
> used to sell a great hold-down tape to affix the tape end to a flange 
> (or to itself if you are storing pancakes,  It was plastic, black and 
> white striped, 1/4 wide, and did not leave a residue.  They might 
> still make the paper hold down tape the sold either in red or  blue.  
> Regular masking tape is not really good because it hardens into a 
> brick in a few years.
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