I have been trying to figure out how the recording companies informed the 
various retail outlets about what ethnic recordings they had for sale.  I 
assume that at least by the 1920s companies, such as Victor and Columbia, 
had catalogues similar to the ones that they issued for their regular 
recordings. In fact, the 1923 Catalogue of Victor Records suggests that if 
one wants more information on their Hebrew and Italian recordings they 
should look at the Hebrew Catalogue and Italian Catalogue. I have looked for 
these catalogues online, but I have not found anything.

My questions include the following:

How did the companies inform the retail outlets about what they had for 

If they issued catalogues for the various ethnic groups, for which groups 
did they issue the catalogues?

When did they start issuing catalogues for anybody and for whom?

Most importantly, is it possible to get an ethnic catalogue, if such a thing 
existed, from you?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Eric Byron