Hi, Eric,

As you may recall, I've been using RME Multifaces, then Multiface II's, 
and now I've added a Fireface UFX. There are a few minor issues with the 
UFX via USB that I'm working with Samplitude and RME to understand, but 
those go away with a 1394 interface, but the unit is about 3x your price 
range and offers 12 analog I/O channels at the same time.

I have never used the internal RME cards (other than the PCI interfaces 
for the Multifaces), but I have a lot of respect for RME's build quality 
and sound quality. The Fireface UFX is actually made in Germany.

I saw the PCI express wave coming and bought a quad core Dell Vostro 
computer as it still had two good PCI slots. The computer was cheaper 
than buying two PCIe interface cards for my two Multiface II units and I 
boost my ingest processing speeds substantially.

The Fireface UFX is for my editing machine. Not only can I now run 
parallel ingests (on the Multiface II units), I can edit and 
bounce/render on the second Dell via the UFX).



On 2011-09-29 8:32 AM, Erik Dix wrote:
> Hello all!
> I was wondering if this list had any recommendations for a sound card 
> for a mac pro.
> I thought I could get another lynx l22 for the mac since i like the 
> one i use in our pc. The only problem is that card is not available as 
> a pci express card.
> I was looking at this one:
> This card costs around 700 to 800 dollars. Any other suggestions 
> should not be much more expensive than that.
> I plan on using wavelab 7 as my audio editor.
> Any thoughts or recommendations for a mac novice would be greatly 
> appreciated.
> Erik Dix
> Notre Dame Archives

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