Hi Eric,

We've extensively used the RME HDSP PCI card and have more recently switched
to the HDSPe PCI Express card for our QUADRIGA workstations.

Prior to that, we used the Digi96 PCI card for years with our AudioCube
platform - they have all been *VERY* reliable and have had rave reviews on
sound quality with the top mastering facilities in the world.


Rob Poretti
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Cube-Tec North America LLC
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Subject: [ARSCLIST] sound card recommendations for current mac pro

Hello all!

I was wondering if this list had any recommendations for a sound card 
for a mac pro.

I thought I could get another lynx l22 for the mac since i like the one 
i use in our pc. The only problem is that card is not available as a pci 
express card.

I was looking at this one:

This card costs around 700 to 800 dollars. Any other suggestions should 
not be much more expensive than that.

I plan on using wavelab 7 as my audio editor.

Any thoughts or recommendations for a mac novice would be greatly 

Erik Dix
Notre Dame Archives