Hi Sam,

GREAT JOB with EDVR sounds! When the Juke Box started up it was magnificent
for a few weeks, getting me right to the artist or title I requested. Later
on, every entry resulted in five or more pages unless one scrolled down --
sometimes far down -- the lists on the left and was able to find the artist
or whatever.

Just made my first visit to the new EDVR and saved a few songs by Helen
Clark, who has long been a project of mine. She did at least 5 Bway shows --
one by Gershwin and 3 by Kern, meeting husband Frank Tours during LOVE O'
MIKE. Never been able to find cast recordings by her, but she recorded for
so many labels under so many pseudonyms that there's still hope.

Had a very good file on her that was lost in a hard drive crash. Much
restored and some new things added post-crash but couldn't retrieve one
great photo of her and a brief obit (Santa Barbara, ca. 1961, IIRC).

Anyway, I'm delighted with the new EDVR. Thank you.

See you on Castrecl,

Dan Langan  

On 9/13/11 9:53 AM, "Sam Brylawski" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> The University of California Santa Barbara's Encyclopedic Discography
> of Victor Recordings project is undergoing a reorganization and
> expansion. Under a new initiative called the American Discography
> Project, the university has licensed online rights to several print
> discographies and will be converting them to a digital format for a
> new website. This work is being undertaken in part to augment the
> project's support of the Library of Congress National Jukebox.
> As part of this undertaking, the project has just posted notice of a
> position vacancy. The job is Editorial Assistant. It is a grant funded
> two-year position.  A full description of the position, and details on
> applying, may be found at:
> Sam Brylawski
> Editor, EDVR
> Davidson Library