Hi Darren:

Of course, do as you like, but my experience has shown that is a poor solution because the tape pack 
unwinds (looses tension) over time and, particularly in the case of older acetate-backed tape, the 
swelling and shrinking with varying humidity seems to accelerate that process. Then you end up with 
curled, stiff tape near the outside of the reel, whether or not there is leader tape. If you've 
allowed for this with a band of several minutes blank, you still end up with a very loose tape pack, 
which can cause hazards when brought under tension on many tape transports (the tape compacts 
incorrectly due to the backward tension of the supply motor, causing binding and creasing in 
places). If you are planning to playback or "exercise" (library wind back and forth) the tapes 
regularly, none of this should be a concern. But for long-term storage, I highly recommend taping 
down the end of the tape or leader to the reel. The modern solution is green hold-down tape, sold by 
various suppliers in the US and elsewhere.

-- Tom Fine

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Thanks for the very interesting debate. I think from our side we will just splice extra leader to 
the end to allow for any warpage or dangly bits. Seems the easiest solution !

Best, Darren

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On 19 sep 2011, at 19.16, Dennis Rooney wrote:

> FYI,
> In the very large number of Columbia masters I handled, the SOP for securing
> tape ends was ---NONE. They were put into the boxes with the ends left
> loose. This may not have been followed on the W. Coast, but every pop and
> Masterworks tape I saw from NYC operations was. Their physical condition is
> excellent, so I suggest being easy about how to secure ends to reels.