Hadn't thought about these in a while.I have seen these by the boxload for many years at thrift stores,with all the different box designs.I always go through them,in the hopes of finding unissued concert recordings,or audio of long lost TV or radio shows.They are always just home taped copies of LPs.

A few weeks ago,I found a couple of  unused NOS reels of 1970s or 80s vintage Scotch recording tape,in the Goodwill clearance bins,I put them on eBay,and was surprised at what they can go for.


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Yes, "end-of-reel tape clips" is what the things in Scotch (3M)  
reel-to-reel tapes were called. The 1960s. They came gratis in every box of  Scotch 
recording tape. When new, the tape-ends were held down by a slender  piece of 
tartan-patterned pressure-sensitive tape on the edge of the reel. One  
sliced it off and was ready to use the tape.

  The tape clips were small, about 1/2" vertically in length on two  sides, 
rounded on the bottoms, and just wide enough to fit over the tape  and 
inside the reel, with a slot at the top. One was supposed to squeeze the  clip 
sufficiently to permit the end of the tape to be caught in it, then slip  the 
ends of the clip down over the tape on the reel. There were other such  
devices and I might have a few here, but since I always bought Scotch recording 
tape that's what I mostly had and have. 

  I never used them and still do not. Sorry to go into such detail for  
ARSC members who already know all of this. More in replies to other  messages.

  Don Tait

I think I found what you seek.  On the inside of the box of some
early Scotch tapes:  No. 12 - End-Of-Reel Tape Clips.

"Clip securely to tape, prevent spilling or tangling in handling,
storage and mailing.  Fit inside reel, won't distort reels in
storage.  Work equally well on partial or full reels."

Hope this helps.


Rhett McMahon