Indiana University Bloomington announces the release of a detailed report entitled "Meeting the Challenge of Media Preservation: Strategies and Solutions." This 128-page report is available for download at

"Meeting the Challenge" is the result of a year of research and planning by a campus-wide task force charged with addressing the problems identified in the earlier IU Bloomington media preservation survey report published in 2009. "Meeting the Challenge" explores a range of topics related to the preservation and conservation of audio, video, and film, including: guiding preservation principles, facility planning, prioritization, digitization methodologies, strategies for film, principles for access, technological infrastructure needs, and engagement with campus units and priorities. Although developed specifically for the Bloomington campus, the findings and analyses in "Meeting the Challenge" may be useful to universities and other organizations with media holdings.

Further information and both reports are available on the IU Bloomington media preservation website at the url provided above.

Mike Casey
Director of Media Preservation Services
Media Preservation Initiative
Indiana University Bloomington