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A NACO reminder:


If you are at a NACO library and need any kind of assistance or help with a NACO issue, either contact your library's NACO Liaison (http://www.loc.gov/catdir/pcc/naco/pccliaisons.html), or send a message to [log in to unmask].


Please do not contact OCLC with NACO delete requests or NACO BFM reports-- OCLC does not delete NACO authority records and does not process NACO BFM-- when OCLC receives a NACO request for a delete or for BFM, they kindly forward the request to the LC Cooperative Programs Section, but that just delays the processing.           


Another reminder to NACO participants who submit authority duplicate deletion(s) to LC's Cooperative Programs Section (Coop) via the NACO e-mail account [log in to unmask]:


Participants are expected to transfer any relevant information (670 citations, references, etc.) from the authority record that is to be deleted to the authority record that is to be retained. LC Coop will add the 010 $z deleted LCCN information to the authority record that is to be retained. This expectation is outlined in the NACO Program Training, in the Day 5 slides on NACO Administration.


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Paul Frank

Cooperative Programs Section

Cooperative and Instructional Programs Division

Library of Congress

101 Independence Ave., SE

Washington, DC 20540-4230


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