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PCC colleagues,  October 1, 2011 is the implementation date for two new BSRs and for the revised Provider-Neutral Guidelines.

In recent months, the Standing Committee on Standards shared drafts for comments by the community and approval by the PCC Policy Committee (PoCo).  The final versions of the documents below (based on AACR2 and the MARC Format for Bibliographic Data), appear on the PCC BIBCO home page<>.

1.  BIBCO Standard Record for Archival Collections<> --includes MAP

2.  BIBCO Standard Record Supplemental Requirements for Electronic Monographic Resources (Remote & Direct Access)<>   --covers electronic resources for formats other than Leader/06 "m"  (computer files).  This is to be used in conjunction with the BSR for the particular format for the resources in that format that have digital aspects, e.g.,  digital maps.

3.  Provider-Neutral E-Monograph MARC Record Guide (revised)<> for catalogers  --implements the use of the 588 field for all online monographs and expands the coverage to other types of materials.   See this link for further explanation of the use of 588 Field for Online Monographs<>.

4. Provider-Neutral Vendor Guide (to be posted soon)

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