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>VOC is whereby the bib record only stores an internal linking ID # of
>the authority record (But it displays the real heading).  When you
>change the 1XX in an authority record, presto, >the bib displays the
>new 1XX. 

When UTLAS was doing that in the 1970s and 1980s, the internal link
was called the ASN, the Authority Sequence Number.  OCLC had the
opportunity to purchase the software, but backed away.  LC considered
it, but did not because it was not American, but Canadian.

The system ended due to its small customer base.  There are more
people in some US states than all of Canada.

Cataloguing was quicker and easier.  You could key "shakespeare
william 1564", which gave you the ASN, which in turn gave you the full
heading properly capitalized and punctuated on display.

It astounds me that people treat this as a new idea.

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