Dear FEDLINK Colleagues~


As a reminder, the following dates are the FEDLINK deadlines dates for Fiscal Year 2011.  (To view the full Information Alert, please point your browser to


Add New Service Request (under $25,000 only) Requests to add a new service must be received in FFO  -- Friday, September 9

Move Funds* Requests to move funds to another vendor must be received in FFO (with no new service request) --  Tuesday, September 13

Add New Funds Request* Requests to add new funds to an existing account must be received in FFO -- Friday, September 16

Return of Signed IAG ALL SIGNED IAGs MUST BE RECEIVED IN FFO (no exceptions)-- Friday, September 23


For more information on your account or on the FY2011 End-of-Year Schedule, please contact the FEDLINK Fiscal Hotline at (202) 707-4900.