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No. : 11-04

Date: September 9, 2011



Subject: National Audio Equipment Advisory Committee recommendations and NLS responses, 2010



Attached are the recommendations made by the National Audio Equipment Advisory Committee (NAEAC) members at the annual meeting held September 15-17, 2010. Following each recommendation is the NLS response.




For further information contact: John A. Brown

Head, Engineering Section

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National Audio Equipment Advisory Committee Members


Consumer representatives

American Council of the Blind Penny Reeder

Blinded Veterans Association Stephen Matthews

National Federation of the Blind Michael Barber

Northern Region John L. Jackson

Western Region Everette Bacon


Network library representatives

Southern Region Pamela Davenport

Northern Region Bernard Harrison

Midlands Region James Buchman

Western Region Amy Ravenholt


Pioneer representatives

Midlands Region Jerry Adamson

Northern Region Joseph Hodgson

Southern Region James Marriner

Western Region Stephen Austin


General Electric Elfun representative Keith Scammahorn